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Pangea expertise combines years of on the ground experience in financial and dairy operations. Owner Levi Hensley takes this experience and advises dairy owners on next steps toward real-time decision making.

Pangea Dairy Advisors: Owner


  • Own & operate the business, advising corporate and private dairy producers on efficiencies, animal health and nutrition.
  • Provide guidance on every aspect of dairy and farming operations (from site selection to full operations).
  • Engage in multicultural projects around the world (Qatar, Brazil and the USA).
  • Current Clients:
    – Greenfield, Brazil. The Greenfield site has 100,000 milking cows and is the largest single site dairy in the world.
    – Department of Defense, Qatar. The site houses 5,000 animals and is complete with a processing facility.

Country: Global clientele

Spandet Dairy: General Manager


  • All responsibilities carried out under a one year contract.
  • Oversaw all dairy operations including but not limited to: profit and loss, herd health, replacement program, feeding program and land management (5,600 acres).
  • Reorganized and strategically invested in capital improvements.
  • Provided weekly farm performance updates and standardized monthly financial statements.
  • Dairy Details:
    This dairy currently runs 11,200 milking and dry cows, as well as 1200 springing heifers and 1000 calves on milk. This facility is also the largest of three sites owned by an out of state investor.

Country: United States of America (Kansas)

Fonterra Limited Beijing Management Company: Farm Optimization Manager


  • Optimized and provided value-added opportunities through valuation analysis and executive recommendations. The scope of the analysis extended across all 8 farms consisting of 25,000 milking cows plus replacements.
  • Provided CFO and Hub Directors with decision making recommendations and advice across IFV Hubs, including but not limited to livestock management, on-farm operations, as well as identifying financial opportunities within the business.
  • Identified and analyzed optimization opportunities at farm and Hub levels to ensure best use of the on-farm capital investment.

Country: China

Fonterra Limited Beijing Management Company: Production Manager


  • All responsibilities carried out under a two year contract.
  • Managed the dairy production process, and oversaw 10,000 adult animals with 17,000 young stock.
  • Maintained profit and loss oversight, staff development and training, milk production, animal health, feed procurement and dairy heifer health.
  • Advised on farm expansion, construction improvements and effluent management.
  • Developed fluent understanding of Chinese environmental regulations, government employment requirements and local contracting laws.
  • Responsible for $120M USD in Fonterra assets, 12 direct report and 180 indirect report employees.

Country: China

Olam International: Dairy Manager


  • Executed a business strategy to create and maintain the industry leader in Russian milk production and efficiency
  • Managed daily facility operations and make daily decision concerning breeding, nutrition, heifer management and farm profitability
  • Implemented a transferable large scale dairy model and employee training program for each of the six $40M, 4100 cow dairy projects.
  • Organized tillage, planting and harvest of 150,000 Ha, for the production of dairy forage and grain.
  • Served as key planner in the expansion process overseeing design, layout and budgeting for the remaining facilities being constructed. Upon completion and at full expansion I oversaw milking, housing and feeding of 50,000 cows and 45,000 replacement heifers on 8 facilities.

Country: Russia

USDA Foreign Agriculture Service: Agriculture Advisor


  • All responsibilities carried out under a one and half year contract
  • Provided technical advice on U.S Government agriculture programs in Logar Province
  • Oversaw the implementation of $108M USD in program funds encompassing all agricultural activities in the province.
  • Provided villages with information on Dairy, Beef and Poultry production practices,
  • Advised the U.S Department of State, USAID and Department of the Army officials on best practices, program viability and sustainability. 
  • Directed the workload of four other agriculture advisors in Regional Command East, and served as the Diplomatic liaison for the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S Military.  

Country: Afghanistan

Rozhdestvo Dairy: Operations Manager


  • All responsibilities carried out under a three year contract.
  • Managed daily facility operations including but not limited to: fresh cow and maternity management and implementation, herd health and reproductive management, young stock rearing and reproductive organization.
  • Recruited, hired, trained and retained management staff (including assisting in supervising 87 employees).
  • Monitor milk quality and parlor performance.
  • Oversaw 6500 acres of row crops and silage ground for the dairy.
  • Assisted in new facility design/organization and start up.  The new facilities were designed for 3500+ milking expandable to 10,000 head. This involved preparation of a capitol budget and cash flow projections for the project as well as operational protocols and procedures.

Country: Russia

Levi Hensley


Top Skills:
Animal Health
Dairy Management
International Dairy Work

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