Pangea Dairy Advisors

Pangea Dairy Advisors provides complete on-site management consulting services. Services include advising dairy managers with tips and guidance for solving herd health issues, feed mixing and delivery, milking parlor efficiency improvement and employee development.

Our Approach

Pangea expertise combines years of on the ground experience in financial and dairy operations. Owner Levi Hensley takes this experience and advises dairy owners on next steps toward real-time decision making.

Partner with us

We know that every situation is unique in the dairy business. With years of experience in global dairy management, Levi is prepared to tailor each plan for your exact needs.


The future of the dairy business lies with technology implementation. Levi has helped dairies install software like Dairy Comp 305, Feed Watch and Smart Dairy.

Animal Health

Healthy cows will keep your dairy running. Levi is qualified across the board in animal health: artificial insemination, ultrasound, vaccinations, hoof trimming, mastitis treatment & diagnosis, maternity management and calf health.

Dairy Management

Behind every healthy cow stands a strong business model. Levi has helped dairies around the world complete standard operating procedures that include employee development, budget and cash flow analysis, herd management and feeding protocol.


Unique climates present unique opportunities and challenges to every dairy. Levi’s work has taken him around the world to the United States, Russia, China and Afghanistan.¬†¬†

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We know you need services unique to your dairy.